paperless officeWe often hear owners or managers at paperless offices who believe they could never need a shredding service. In these cases, we often ask if we can visit these offices and give a short evaluation. After spending a few minutes peering through trash cans, it’s easy to discover at least three examples of material that should have been shredded. The truth is that despite processes and systems operating paperlessly, many employees working in the office don’t operate that way. Things are often written down or printed for personal use, and still end up discarded in the trash.

Some of the items we normally find include:

  • Confidential pricing drafts marked up during group meetings
  • HR material or confidential data from consultants
  • Phone message slips with personal notes

There are inexpensive solutions for small firms to exert a reasonable and legally required effort to provide the Care, Custody and Control required in today’s age of information management.

The cost of a small shredding console serviced every quarter is minor when faced with the legal exposure of defending your company in the event of a breach.

If you’d like to inquire about shredding for your office, call Office Shredding and get a free quote. We’ll even visit your office and perform a needs analysis similar to the one described above.