Office Shredding Truck

Office Shredding’s professional document shredding is a cost-effective solution for companies with a high volume of confidential information to dispose of. Our off-site paper shredding is secure and convenient. We come to you according to your needs and your desired schedule. You can set a monthly pick-up date or call us whenever you need our service.

Private documents require secure, thoughtful treatment. With Office Shredding’s innovative security consoles, your discarded confidential documents remain safe from any possible security breach. Their convenient size, subtle shade, and attractive design are a preferred option for many businesses where space is at a premium.

When it comes to document shredding, our team keeps the chain of custody intact.
Our experienced, uniformed personnel will collect all materials from your security containers. Your locked containers will be transferred in our specialized, sealed vehicles to one of our state-of-the-art facilities for destruction in accordance with your requirements.

Secure Shredding of All Materials

Our industrial shredding equipment can destroy all materials — whether stapled, clipped, or bound. We can securely destroy documents, files, x-rays, computer disks, CDs, and magnetic tape, clothing and even many consumer and commercial products.

The majority of shredding companies in our market offer the standard
NAID approved shred cut that produces shredded paper particles to 2 ¼”. Office Shredding however offers an even more secure option that meets most DoD requirements. Our Secure Cut® capability cuts paper particles to 3/8th’s of an inch.

Shredding of all items will be completed within 48 hours of pick-up. After the materials are shredded, they are then recycled. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued in order to validate the service and compliance with security and document safety.