Is there a benefit to things being “official”? There is! With every shredding service from a professional shredding company you get a Certificate of Destruction, which allows you to securely destroy confidential information.

Unfortunately, a simple office shredder cannot guarantee the same security and professionalism that’s provided by a professional shredding company. Identity theft and fraud can occur when shredded documents are shredded by a regular office shredder because they can be reconstructed from paper strips.

The most recent public example of “reconstruction” of confidential information comes from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen who thought he would save the nominal expense of hiring a professional and shred his clients information himself.  Total Office Shredding thinks it’s a pretty simply answer to the question of “Do you want your competitors or disgruntled employees to have the ability to reconstruct your confidential information?”.  Obviously nobody asked Cohen……

At Total Office Shredding “We Shred Today to Protect Your Tomorrow”.

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